Monday, December 31, 2001


Here is a blog that I use to collect random things I find on the web. There is no particular category to describe the articles. The name 0z0 is a shortened version of 0ZereZ0, both of which are palindromes. The name came about because 0 appears first in any sorted list, but for some reason, I couldn't use just 0, so I augmented it with 0Zero -- which was tantilizing close to a palendrome, so I added an eZ and changed the "o" to s "0" and came up with 0ZereZ0. Being a computer programmer and having had to create names for lots of variables for 35 years, my mind is kind of strange when coming up with names.

Sunday, December 30, 2001


I have discovered as I get older that I am intensly visual -- I think in terms of pictures and consequently, I really enjoy the visual arts: painting, sculpture, design, colors, ... I collect art items that I find on the web into an Art Blog. Most of these are culled from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Daily Artwork Archive.
Resume: Harry C Forsdick

Although I'm not currently looking for a job, here is my resume anyway. Having worked for several companies related to the Internet, I am now a consultant working on projects that I enjoy. Please inquire if interested:

HCF Memorabilia

Like most people, I have a box of little things that I just can't bring myself to throw away. Actually, I have many such boxes...

Saturday, December 29, 2001

My Favorite "All About" and "How To" Pages

Some people are experts on the most obscure things. Fortunately for the rest of us, there is an urge to share that knowledge. Sure you can get whole books on these topics, but sometimes a simple web will do. If you have suggestions, please send them along.

Friday, December 28, 2001

Directions to our house in Lexington

We have lived in Lexington MA since 1978. Our house is a simple Cape with several nice additions we've put on over the years.

Directions to our house in Cummington

In 1981, along with three other families, we started out on an 18 year project to build a summer house in the Birkshires. The project continues...

Baker-Forsdick Timeline

On our 20th Wedding Anniversary (June 5, 1997), Marsha and I started making a list of things we had done or had happened to us in the past 20 years. This has proven to be an interesting exercise in trying to sort out when things happened in relationship to each other. To put this all in context, I have shown our events in relationship to the events going on in the nation and the world.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Seminar Series

In 1998, my friend Richard Homonoff and I started to meet on Saturday mornings to have breakfast at the Quebrada Coffee House. We have continued this tradition ever since then, changing locations, expanding the group, and generally having a good time. This has turned into a little seminar series, where we talk about the world's and our own issues, both great and small.
HWF: A Pictoral History

When my father, Harry W. Forsdick, died in December 1997, I decided that in his honor I would acquire "". He would love to know that his name has been preserved on the business side of the Internet. Since then, I have also acquired "" for my kids. Seems appropriate...
Welcome to the new version of our web site. With the old version, I found it difficult and time consuming to change things and add new material. So, I decided to change the way this all works so that there is some introductory material (at the top) followed by a series of articles that I can add to and update using the Blogger system. Hopefully this will allow me to add material in little chunks and this will make it easier to make the site more dynamic and (again, hopefully) interesting.