Friday, December 31, 2004


Once again, we have produced a web site with pictures of what we did this year. In addition, we sent out two different postcards, this year pictures Marsha and I took in Paris:

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Red Nose Studio

I occasionally run across an artist that immediately catches my attention and appeals to me. In the New York Times last week, there was an article in the Circuits section about Electronic Gadgets (my speciality) to buy for the gift giving season. The banner of this page had the illustration below.

After checking out the photo credits, I started poking around the web to find Red Nose Studios. There are two great places to go: 1) The Red Nose Studio web site and 2) A dealer ArtPick that represents Red Nose. Both fun places to view interesting objects de art.

Ben and John Kerry

Last Saturday night the New Hampshire Democratic Party held a reception for all of the Kerry campaign workers in New Hampshire. Ben and several of his friends who worked on the campaign went up to New Hampshire, and Ben returned home with this very nice picture. These are the kinds of pictures which years hence you look back on with good memories. more...

Friday, December 10, 2004

Right Tool for the Right Job I have been looking for a solution to organizing the various lists of "Things I Need To Do" that I have floating around my desk. When I was at Genuity, outside of each conference room, there was a plastic "gravity roller" note holder -- a clever thing where you could slip a piece of paper up into this device and a roller would grab onto the slip of paper. The roller was free floating in a channel and gravity pulled it down, jamming the note and holding it. To remove the note, all you had to do was to push up on it and silde to the right or left.
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I have been looking for such a device for a long time with no luck. Recently I was in Bertucci's Pizza in Lexington and I looked up and saw what I needed: an order holder that the cook uses to keep track of what he is doing. Perfect! Same idea, different domain. Instead of going to Staples, I went on line and searched restaurant supply houses, and found exactly what I wanted. Instead of specially made rollers, this device (which costs $12) uses marbles. It works great!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Helen Estelle Forsdick

My mother died this past June. As with my father Harry, and my dog Malcolm, I created a tribute to her on the web. This page contains several links to other pages that include a slide show with music, a collection of photographs, a booklet I wrote about her life, and the eulogy I gave at her memorial service.