Tuesday, January 14, 2003


Update: I've taken this off line in favor of a more flexible set of cameras discussed in the entry above.

I've set up a fun device in my basement -- a trackercam. This is a little platform that is able to rotate a platform around a vertical axis as well as tilt the platform around a horizontal axis. Mounted on top of the platform is (in my case) a small ball shaped webcam. On my PC there is a web server running which allows you to both view as well as control the where the camera is looking. The software is able to do a lot of things, including serve as a steerable webcam, a survailance camera that can track objects that move, as well as a video conferencing camera. It's a pretty neat device and fun to watch it work. The image to the left shows the motion of the platform with the camera. To give it a try, click on the following link:


The best way to use it is to click on the "Live Pictures" button.