Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's Harry Been Doing Lately?

What have I been doing? Well, I have spent most of my waking hours working on LexMedia the non-profit corporation that runs the Public Access cable channels in Lexington, MA. In the last year we have completely reinvented LexMedia by:
  1. Getting rid of the last Executive Director who was on a course of making LexMedia fail
  2. Recruiting a new Executive Director who brings a lot of talents to LexMedia that we don't already have, and is a pleasure to work with. What a change!
  3. Building a new studio at Kline Hall in the Avalon Lexington Hills residential complex.
  4. Outfitting that studio with a completely new all digital broadcast system.
As Chairman of LexMedia, I have tried to foster an open organization where there are no pockets of unwarranted private information -- the kind of information inept people use to insure their job security. Rather we value people by what they accomplish.

Having said that, I represent my work at LexMedia by our website ( which I manage. Take a look, and if you live in Lexington, check out the three channels we produce.