Friday, February 28, 2003

Presence Page

I've heard a lot of people talk about "Presence" on the Internet. The idea is that there is some set of services that you can use to keep track of how to reach you. So, I thought, how about combining my interest in internet video along with presence and new things, by setting up a page where people could go to see exactly where I am and provide some links so that you can communicate with me at those locations. Thus the genesis of my presence page.

Webcams have been around for some time -- largely the province of the voyeuristic crowd. Too bad: I think pictures and sounds are a much better form of communication for most interactions -- Thus the success of the telephone and television. So, why shouldn't we use these two media to their fullest potential for personal communication now that they are quite affordable. For example, the upper two webcams on my presence page are Intel cameras that cost about $70/camera. These cameras are attached to PCs running a program called WebCam32. The bottom two cameras are Panasonic Network cameras which attach directly to the ethernet in my home. Each camera is a standard-alone internet host complete with a web server. The lower two cameras are steerable. Click on the still image snapshot to explore.

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