Monday, October 18, 2004

Without a Doubt This is an incredible piece of writing from the New York Times Magazine of October 17, 2004. It is long, but once you start reading it, it's hard to put down. Although I obviously disagree with George Bush on just about everything, I found this article insightful about how he thinks and the direction he wants to take this country.

It seems that with little knowledge of history or of the world, and lacking the ability to analyze and think deeply about issues, George Bush falls back on his intuition mixed with the Bush-family bravado / confidence and labels his "no discussion" decision making process "faith-based" and himself "called by God" to make these decisions. The "Faith-based Presidency" is in contrast to the long history in the USA of "Reality-based Presidencies" where issues are debated and differences of opinion encouraged as a tool for arriving at the best decision.

Included is a roadmap for Bush's second term including the appointment of at least one Supreme Court Justice, with the possibility of a total of 4 Justices. I am more worried then ever before for our country and the possibility that George Bush might be re-elected. I used to think the article in Slate about the "Faith-based Missile Defense System" was a funny spoof. Now I see that Slate was prophetic about the entire Bush administration. And it's not funny anymore.

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