Friday, December 10, 2004

Right Tool for the Right Job I have been looking for a solution to organizing the various lists of "Things I Need To Do" that I have floating around my desk. When I was at Genuity, outside of each conference room, there was a plastic "gravity roller" note holder -- a clever thing where you could slip a piece of paper up into this device and a roller would grab onto the slip of paper. The roller was free floating in a channel and gravity pulled it down, jamming the note and holding it. To remove the note, all you had to do was to push up on it and silde to the right or left.
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I have been looking for such a device for a long time with no luck. Recently I was in Bertucci's Pizza in Lexington and I looked up and saw what I needed: an order holder that the cook uses to keep track of what he is doing. Perfect! Same idea, different domain. Instead of going to Staples, I went on line and searched restaurant supply houses, and found exactly what I wanted. Instead of specially made rollers, this device (which costs $12) uses marbles. It works great!

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