Monday, April 17, 2006

Jane Katims' Web Site

I have just finished a website for author and teacher Jane Katims. I know Jane through her husband, Dan Perlman who I have coffee with weekday mornings at Peets. With this web site, I was able to combine information about Jane's talents with the beautiful paintings of Linda Peterson, whose website I completed about a year ago.

To quote from the web site:
Jane's work includes poetry, fiction, and radio plays and documentaries. She teaches courses at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education and Tufts University, as well as teaching private creative writing workshops. She has earned several awards for her work in literature.

On all pages but the first page, the banners rotate among a group of beautiful abstract oils by Linda Peterson. I really like the colors used in these paintings and Linda was very kind to let me use them for Jane's website.

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