Saturday, July 14, 2007

Coonamessett Farm

Coonamessett Farm

We went out to dinner at Coonamessett Farm near Falmouth, MA. It was wonderful. Here's the deal: CF is a working farm growing veggies and fruit on the Cape. Among other things, the farm is one of those cooperative farms where families can buy a share of the output of the farm for a fixed price per year. In addition, CF offers produce to non-members at normal farm-stand prices. From looking around the web a bit, I can see that one of the big draws is a variety of farm animals present. Naturally, these are popular with animal lovers in general and kids in particular.

But the really unique thing about CF are the dinners they offer on Friday and Wednesday evenings. We went on Friday for the Vegetarian Buffet Dinner. Although I am not a vegetarian, I really enjoyed the meal: several different soups including veggi chili, a complete salad bar with homemade red potato salad and curried couscous, and three more significant entries including Eggplant Parmesan, Broccoli Quiche, and Spinach and Feta Pizza. There is also a Jamaican Buffet and Grill Dinner on Wednesdays. An added element is that they have a large deck area where the tables overlook the fields and buildings of the Farm.

The dinners aren't really cheap ($13 or $18 for adults, half price for kids) but they are decent. And, the entire scene is a wonderful place to go with a group for a relaxing al fresco dinner.

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